Play CHARADES on your Apple TV

Charades have never been such modern and easy before!

You can buy a big block of paper, markers, create a list of words and finally start to play charades, counting points on the paper after every tour and checking how much time is left on the clock


you can download Party Charades TV from the App Store and immediately start enjoying the game on the big screen of your favorite tv! Hundreds of words grouped into five categories let you spend long hours on playing charades. Automatic points counting and time measurement let you focus only on drawing your word. The only necessary things are iOS device, Apple TV and comfortable couch and good mood.

Screenshots from the app

*User pictures borrowed from: Random User Generator

The best free drawing and guessing CHARADES for APPLE TV

  • hundreds of words grouped into five categories:
    • title – movie, tv show, book titles
    • place – well known place or geographical location
    • person or character – well known person or fictitious character
    • idiom or expression – popular sayings, idioms, quotes and expressions
    • object or concept – physical thing or commonly known concept
  • two game modes:
    • single – one player draws, other players guess
    • team – one player draws, other players from the same team guess
  • automatic points counting
  • easy configuration of number of rounds and tour duration
  • adding players’ and teams’ names
  • taking players’ pictures and displaying them in the app
  • game state adjustment
  • color themes

In-App Purchases

  • additional 500 words to play
  • unblocking limits:
    • typing own words
    • unlimited number of teams and players


How to play charades with Party Charades TV?

Party Charades TV is a little similar to Pictionary. In this game one player draws a word on iPad or iPhone while the other players are trying to guess that word based on the drawing displayed on the tv screen connected to Apple TV. App Party Charades TV lets players draw words from five categories and type their own words. Party Charades TV counts points, measures tour duration and displays number of elements of the word, so players can fully focus on the game.

Game step by step

  1. Configure the game:
    • add teams and players, type their names, take their photos
    • pick words set
    • set number of rounds and tour duration
  2. Draw category and word. If you don’t like the category or word, you can draw another one.
  3. Start drawing. If someone guess the word, press “Pass!” button to complete the tour.
  4. You can give up your tour if you feel that word is to difficult by pressing “Fail!” button.

What is not allowed during the game?

  1. Current player shouldn’t talk, act and gesticulate during his tour. However, it’s allowed to point which part of the word guessing players should focus on.
  2. It is not allowed to draw letters and numbers.


App Party Charades TV is compatible with devices

iOS App

Install on devices:

iPad (since 2nd generation)

iPad Air (all generations)

iPad Pro (all generations)

iPhone (since 4th generation)

iPod touch (since 5 generation)

Apple TV

Play on Apple TV:

Apple TV (since 2nd generation)

Game setup instruction


  • Install Party Charades TV app on your iOS device (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch)
  • Assure that your Apple TV is connected to the same local network as your iOS device
  • Open Party Charades TV and enable “AirPlay Mirroring”. Select your Apple TV.



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